as of 6/22/2018
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Independent Thinking

We are independent thinkers who focus on creating an original and opportunistic portfolio driven by our own fundamental analysis. Put simply, we do not rely heavily on Wall Street generated investment research. We have found that our location in South Florida, away from major financial centers, has been instrumental in avoiding the typical group think and herd mentality.


We believe in managing a relatively concentrated portfolio that is focused on our best ideas. Comprehensive fundamental analysis is what gives us conviction in managing a more concentrated portfolio relative to the majority of our peers.

Investing With You

We have a vested interest in the fund's success. Investing a significant component of our personal savings creates the proper alignment between fund management and investor interests.

Team Approach

Team collaboration is fundamental to our firm. We believe that it is important to have the entire team discuss investments collectively to reach a consensus opinion rather than being reliant on one individual. In our view, everyone achieves more by working together.